Young people’s inability to participate in their country’s economic life is a serious problem around the world. Youth are approximately THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO BE UNEMPLOYED than adults. According to a report by the International Labor Organization, “One in nine youth will be unemployed this year. That translates into almost 75 MILLION UNEMPLOYED YOUTH. They face higher rates of unemployment and underemployment than the populous as a whole, and this has the potential to destabilize society. 621 million young people aged 15-24 years old are not in education, employment or training. Unfortunately, the conventional means of job creation are unable to keep up with demand. In many countries, the public sector can no longer absorb millions of new graduates. Instead, young people may endure CHRONIC UNEMPLOYMENT or UNDEREMPLOYMENT, often trapped in temporary or low-productivity jobs.”

There are many factors that contribute to this challenge, BUT according to an article in Measure of America, a large underlying factor, is YOUTH DISCONNECTION. “Disconnected youth are TEENAGERS AND YOUNG ADULTS  between the ages of 16-24 who are NEITHER WORKING NOR IN SCHOOL. There are 4.4 million young women and men, or one in nine teens, who are FALLING BEHIND and DISCONNECTED from the educational and employment opportunities required for rewarding, productive lives.” The article goes on to the point out that “These vulnerable young people are cut off from the people, institutions and experiences that would otherwise help them develop the knowledge, skills, maturity and sense of purpose required to live rewarding lives.


Our founders saw first-hand THE GAP that exists for today’s youth and because of their business background, they clearly realized that youth entrepreneurship as a pathway to economic self-determination and wealth-building is key to our communities.

A.I.M. Entrepreneurial Academy, Inc., is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our Mission is to influence young adults of today to become effective business leaders of tomorrow. Our goal is to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset and promote economic and racial equity by empowering young adults ages 18 – 25, through a hands-on business curriculum. Teaching life skills through entrepreneurship.   We focus on youth over 18 and young adults experiencing lifestyle and economic obstacles, the  disconnected youth, low-income,  foster care, court-involved, those experiencing homelessness, or out-of-school, including youth of color, Native American, and those incarcerated in the juvenile justice system.

We teach students how to take control of their future and break through existing barriers. We are dedicated in developing an entrepreneurial mindset and skills that can help them thrive in today’s economy, as well as access to tools and life skills, and basic business and financial resources needed by aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our 12-Week Entrepreneurial education programs are organized around a structured curriculum that includes content on key behaviors and skills important for success as an entrepreneur; noncognitive skills such as

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

The curriculum includes:  personal assessments, business, financial literacy and life skills trainingwhich also include skill sets in organizing, sales and marketing and managing a small business. 

  • We also help students work through their response to failure and acceptance of “failing forward”, which is a normal part of entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Integrated in the program are business internships and three hours of facilitated one on one mentorship consulting sessions from leaders in the local business community. Guest speakers focus on teaching topics such as the importance of building or improving your credit, basic investment principals as well as the importance of business networking.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT – A.I.M. Entrepreneurial Academy focuses on SUCCESS stories in the youth of our communities by inspiring them to BE more, DO more and HAVE more, resulting in them GIVING back more to their community.  During the 90 Day Course, and as part of the program, our students will choose a local organization to support through fundraising efforts, working or providing  volunteer hours. 

BEYOND THE CLASSROOM – after support is provided upon completion of the program by creating a supportive peer network, where alumni discuss their successes, failures, innovative ideas, networking opportunities and more!

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Brief application is required. Please click here to email us for enrollment questionnaire and scholarship application. Must be 18 years of age.